>Provided Management Advisory Services relating to strategic planning, budgeting, financial forecasts, product cost analysis, purchasing systems, cash flow analysis, cash management programs and assist with evaluation of acquisition candidates.
>Provided management services for clients of two CPA firms including improving operations and cash flow.
>As interim CEO, managed the development of a financial mobile application for market launch. 
>Provided  loan request presentation for successful debt financing of $5.7 million. 
​>Provided accounting and budget controls; obtained real estate financing for law firm.

Basalt Capital Services, LLC is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, emerging growth and middle market companies with professional financial and CFO and strategic management services

Basalt Capital Services, LLC has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience  to assist clients with creating financial solutions. We provide entrepreneurs with step by step assistance to get to their next level. Our experience and knowledge includes CFO services; controller functions; financial planning and business modeling; preparation for public or private financing and cash flow management.

Basalt Capital Services, LLC has over 30 years in strategic management and chief financial officer experience in medium and small public and private companies. Such experience includes preparation and assistance in raising capital for emerging or managing cash flow and lender relations during distressed circumstances.

We develop an engagement structure that integrates our expertise and concepts with our clients' needs and talents for interim CFO services or programs to develop business strategies; improve working capital management; tailor financing structures and presentations and assistance with negotiations relating to  financing proposals.
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