"As a Director of  PR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , I was very impressed with Mr. Nestman as our  Chief Financial Officer. He held the company together and assisted with capital raises in excess of $60 million while the company developed a diabetes technology"

Edward J. Ledder
former Chairman and CEO of Abbott Laboratories, Inc.

"For over 20 years I have referred Mr. Nestman’s services to numerous bank and prospective clients for various corporate financing and internal management assistance in a broad range of industries for both public and private companies. Each firm has commented that Mr. Nestman provided cost effective, professional, timely, financial advice and services. I am confident in recommending his firm’s services to bank clients.”

Jim Class
Vice President
Commercial Lending with a National Bank
​"I had begun the process of selling my small contractor supply business, and was referred to Kurt Nestman for help. I was told Kurt's background was 'deep and wide'. That turned out to be true. The deal was a simple and straight forward, but for one wrinkle: I had an industry-specific invention with a patent pending. That invention was unproven, and determining a sale price would prove knotty. But Kurt developed a pro-forma spreadsheet reflecting potential benefits to a buyer that could handle several variables, and generate very usable metrics to assist with negotiations for the sales of the invention. His methodical and deliberative demeanor resulted in a creative, elegant solution. I'll forever be grateful."

Jim Craven
Sealer Station
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